Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Closer!

The holiday season was just too busy for any wedding planning to take place, much less blogging about it! But 2014 has started off busy in the way of planning!

During the holiday break, Brittney and I took the chance to meet up with our DJ, Marcel Lanoux of Nightshift Sounds to talk about music for the ceremony and reception. I am so looking forward to having him as our DJ and incredibly lucky to be able to work with him. He is by far the best DJ around. If anyone needs a DJ for any party or event, he is your go to guy! You won't ever regret booking him. We discussed what vibe we were wanting for the reception and gave him a few "DO NOT PLAY" artists. Hopefully, all our guests will be thankful for this!

For those of you on Facebook, you may remember me mentioning a bridesmaid dress fiasco. It's really not so much a fiasco, but rather, an error on my part. I made the mistake of trusting Etsy sellers to make a quality product and still stay within my budget. One of my bridesmaids ordered hers early, and thank heavens she did, because this dress was a DISASTER. It did not fit her right, despite sending in custom measurements. So, she returned her dress, and Brittney and I went on the hunt for another one. Or I should say, I dragged Brittney to David's Bridal. I had seen this dress online and really liked it but I wanted to see the color in person just to make sure. And I trust David's Bridal because it is a well known store that accommodates to your needs. Considering that all of my bridesmaids are out-of-town, I have a lot of needs! This is the dress I picked out and I love it!

After I straightened that issue out, I tackled the groomsmen outfits. We knew where we wanted them to buy the pants. A friend of ours had all of his wedding party purchase pants from a website called Indochino. They make custom suits with quality fabric in a timely manner. Brittney has a pair of these pants, and they are the best fitting pair of pants she owns. If you ever need a suit, or even a great pair of dress pants, go here! They are worth the money.

I also FINALLY found a hotel room for the wedding party to stay at. There are a lot of hotels to weed through in New Orleans, so that was a tough task. You know what else there are a lot of in New Orleans? Restaurants. Trying to find a restaurant to book a reasonably priced rehearsal dinner is seemingly impossible. The hardest part is the reasonably priced factor. Every restaurant I look into wants to charge a ton a of money to the hosts, and on my budget, I just can't do that. If you know of any great restaurants that you think I should look into, leave a comment or give me a shout. I could use the help!

Also, I just ordered invitations. I feel like I just got save-the-dates out, but then again, these few months have been flying by! I mean, there are less than 130 days left until the wedding!!! Can you believe that? I sure can't. Anyways, sticking to the banner theme I have throughout some of the details of the wedding, I thought these invites were a great fit. I didn't want something super formal, because, well, our wedding isn't going to be super formal. That just isn't our style. These are fun, lively, but still classy invitations. Very cute. What do you think?

I also, ordered shower invitations. My maid of honor, Melanie, and I have been working on planning this shower. It is going to be a few friends and family on the coast, since most of Brittney's friends are in Tennessee and wouldn't be able to make the trip down unfortunately. The planning has just begun, but I know it is going to be a lot of fun. This is what the shower invites will look like. Once again, the banner theme pops up here as well. 

More on the wedding shower when we get a little more planned. That should be soon because there is a lot in the works! 
Thanks for reading!

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