Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year!

This year has been such a wonderful year, I wanted to share some of the highlights! I didn't have Facebook for most of this year, so a lot of it shouldn't be a repetition. 

Last New Year's was a blast. I finally met some of Brittney's closest friends. 

We had dinner, drinks, enjoyed each other's company, watched fireworks, and her friends threw her a going away party. 

Brittney moved to Texas not long after that. Houston was bit closer to where I was living at the time and I visited her often! This was my first visit to Houston.

We had our first Valentine's Day together!

That was also my last semester at The University of South Alabama. Had I not taken the classes I chose, I would've never met one of my great friends, Lisa, and fell in love with her adorable son, Bren!
Lisa and her family also happened to move to Houston around the same time I did! This is me and Bren at the Natural Science Museum!

Brittney came to the coast to celebrate Easter and spend her first holiday with my family.

We went to our first concert together! The Lumineers!

The very next day, Brittney proposed in our kitchen with unloaded groceries all around us after her proposal plans were ruined by a sudden hail storm!

She even came to the coast to celebrate my 22nd birthday and announce our engagement!

In June, we took a trip to the beautiful state of Alaska. It is by far one of the most gorgeous places I have ever visited.

This was also my very last summer on the beloved Dauphin Island, where I took all of my marine biology classes. That place and the the people I met there will always hold a special place in my heart!

After I was finished with classes, I was Houston bound! Not long after, Brittney announced her job change to XL Parts and we moved into our very own place together!

In August, we had the honor of being there when two of our very best friends got married!

In October, with the help of Brittney and the support of family and friends, I opened my own online art gallery!

Around Halloween, Brittney and I took a vacation to Tennessee. We visited friends at the oyster roast, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, spent a day at DollyWood, and Brittney got her braces off! Look at that beautiful smile!

We took our engagement pictures and sent out save-the-dates! I started planning our wedding as well.

Brittney spent Thanksgiving with me and my family on the coast!

I also graduated this year with a Batchelor's in Marine Science from The university of South Alabama! Whoo Hoo!!

We spent our first Christmas together!

And our family continues to get bigger and cuter!

Well that about sums up our 2013! It has been a fabulous year. 2014 has ALOT in store for us. 
Happy New Year!!!
From, The Moore Family

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