Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Cheer

How were your holidays? Ours were great! Brittney did not spend the holidays with my family last year so this was her first Christmas with us. She was showered with gifts of course! 
We arrived in Gulfport,Ms the Friday night before Christmas. Saturday, we drove north to Jackson, Ms to see Papa Charlie, my mom's father, and Granna Diane, my mom's stepmother. We looked at lots of old family pictures which I always love doing. It was so great to see them and they gave Brittney a very warm welcome!

We made a visit to Melanie's, my maid of honor, to watch the Saint's lose on Sunday. Even though they lost, there was good food and good conversation, nonetheless. 

Monday, we had a meeting with our DJ, Marcel Lanoux of Nightshift Sounds, which went well but, I am saving that for a later post. 

We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Darwell's. They have THE best crawfish étouffée. I convinced Brittney to get the étouffée burger and she enjoyed it. The small restaurant has a great atmosphere. I love all of Darwell's paintings hung around the restaurant and  the lights strung all around. 

That evening, my little brother, Alex, and sister, Emma, were home, so we decided to decorate cookies with them. They are always a handful but, I never turn down spending time with them. They enjoyed it and ate all the cookies in no time! 

Christmas Eve is when my mom's side of the family celebrates and opens gifts. There was lots of food and wine! When the gift giving began, it was quite chaotic as always. When there are kids involved, you don't take turns opening a gift at our house. Everyone doles out their gifts and you get to it! 

As usual, I made everyone take a picture together!

And here is how we normally are...

The beautiful tree!

The next morning, Brittney, Joseph, my oldest brother, and I made our way to my Grandfather's house to open gifts with my dad's side of the family. 

We had lots of food and wine there as well! I didn't get to get a picture with everyone there unfortunately. 
I did snap a picture of the pretty trees there, though! 

This tree was made out of a crab trap!

Brittney, Melanie, and I went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. It was great! I always like to go see a movie Christmas night and apparently, so does everyone else! It was packed! 

Thursday, Brittney and I took advantage of all of the after Christmas sales and went shopping. It wasn't as crowded at the mall as I thought it would be and we got some good deals! Brittney found some J. Crew shirts to go with her new bow ties she got for Christmas!

Friday, we headed back home to Houston to pick up our Christmas present to ourselves, our Great Dane puppy, JuneBug!

Well, that's the rundown of our holiday week! I hope yours went just as well! We enjoyed spending time with family and spending the holidays with people we love. 

Thanks for reading!

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