Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who Doesn't Love Bite Sized Food?

As you know, the theme of this shower is a tea party. Tea is not the only thing we will be serving. Food is a big part of the party too. We wanted everything to be bite sized, because, well, who doesn't love bite sized food? While Melanie and I spent most of our time shopping, (can you blame us?) we also spent a good bit of time planning out the food. I wanted it to match our theme so we tried to come up with food that you might see at a tea party. One of the first things that came to my mind were petit fours. You know, those deliciously adorably tiny cakes? 

Yeah, those are expensive to order. I have expensive taste, what can I say? So, sometime next week, I am going to take a crack at making them myself. They can't be too difficult, right? And of course, I will document every step via iPhone and ya'll will hear about everything, mishaps and all.

While on the topic of desserts (because sugar is the best food group), we decided we will also have scones (how British of us) and those cute cupcake wedding dresses made out of mini cupcakes (not very British of us).

As far as food goes, we are planning on having finger sandwiches, mac n cheese bites, a spread of crackers, cheese, fruits, and dip. But that's not the fun part. Drinks are the fun part! To be specific: Wine is the fun part! I wanted to have a sangria bar set up. Similar to this:

We are going to have both red and white made with ginger ale and peach juice along with a spread of fruits so you can customize it. We even bought some plastic flutes to put the drinks in (also for a steal, but that's a whole other story in itself).

For those that don't want to drink alcohol, the drinks will be just as fun. Of course we will have sweet tea, because no southern party is complete without sweet tea, but we will also have lemonade. Did I mention, the lemonade is going to be PURPLE? Why, you ask? Because it's cute and I want to, that's why.

Don't you agree?

I cannot wait for this party. Melanie and I both agree that we should probably start a party planning business pronto. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love petit fours!! and purple lemonade??!! Yes, you should definitely go into the party planning business. You have my business :) Have a great time at your shower!