Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's The Little Things

I have gotten back into wedding planning mode because it dawned on me a few days ago that the wedding is ONLY 67 DAYS AWAY. I feel like I still have so much to do! 
I wanted to tell you about a few of the details I have knocked off my very long To Do list.

One of the hardest choices to make was deciding on my shoes. I love wearing heels, but they get very uncomfortable after a while. I didn't want to go barefoot during the reception nor did I want to try to keep up with a second pair of shoes. I also don't want to be taller than Brittney because she kind of hates that. I knew I wanted purple shoes. It's obviously my favorite color. So when I found these, I had to get them! 

They are the perfect height and I love the oxford style! Menswear for women is one of my favorite fashion trends out there. I got them from the always wonderful ModCloth website. I pretty much envy everything on that website and want it all in my closet right now.

While on the subject of my outfit, I also am torn between having a veil or just a headband of some sort in my hair. I love the way veils look in pictures but I find them very traditional and this wedding is far from traditional. I was trying to find  something that I could wear in my hair that matched my dress well. I though about birdcage veils but those don't work with the style of my dress in my opinion. I found this simple ribbon, pearl, and crystal headband that matches the sash on my dress perfectly. It's pretty and fits the simplicity that I am going for. 

I also can't decide which way to wear it! I found this on Etsy and there are so many great ones to choose from. It was hard to pick!
In the beginning of the planning process, I wasn't sure if I wanted to take the time to plan out favors. I kind of didn't see the point of them. While at a friend's house, I saw a koozie favor she gave out during her wedding. I loved the idea. So I did a little online shopping for koozie options and found one that matched our theme and colors! 

I found these one Totally Wedding Koozies. They have hundreds to choose from and all customizable! They have more than just wedding themes too. I thought these were perfect as favors because our guests can use it for years to come!

Another detail Brittney and I decided on was the cake topper. I had originally picked out one of those silver monogram cake toppers. I liked it but when I stumbled upon these, I loved them! 

I felt the wooden detail would look really great on top of our cake. What is even better about these, other than being hand made, is that they are made out of pine trees that are killed by the deadly Pine Beetle infestation. Putting these trees to use helps stop the spread of these beetles. They are cute and environmentally friendly! Each one is unique and will have plenty of perfect imperfections. I found them on Etsy, specifically Timber & Stich Decor Co. They make plenty of things besides cake toppers. Their custom wooden signs are super cute.

I have found a theme emerge from all the tiny details in our wedding: nature! From the wonderfully fragrant lavender and the environmentally friendly cake topper to lake front ceremony, it all seems to flow quite nicely together. That was something I didn't quite expect considering I am no wedding planner. Another nature based detail is our guest book. Brittney and I had two very wonderful friends  tie the knot in August of last year. They didn't have a guest book but they did have every guest hold a stone during the wedding, send silent wishes and good thoughts, and put the stone in a vase at the end. I liked the stone idea but wanted a guest book as well. I am going to have every guest sign and/or write a message on a stone as they arrive at the ceremony. 

Now, I didn't just completely steal our friend's wedding idea. I actually have somewhat of a collection of rocks, crystals, and fossils. I have some from all over the place. Shells from the East coast, rocks from the glaciers in Alaska, crystals from Yellowstone and Yosemite, and fossils from all over. They don't have any meaning other than being pretty to look at and a little souvenir from the places I've visited. These rocks that our guests sign will, however, have meaning. And they will be displayed proudly in our house as a reminder of all the people who travelled from near and far to share our special day.

Thanks for reading!

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