Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Addresses, Addresses, and More Addresses...

Since I have been back from my trip to New Orleans with my mom, my week has been filled with signing contracts, paying deposits, and addressing envelopes. Sounds boring, doesn't it? I agree!

As tenuous as addressing envelopes can be, I just didn't see the point in paying to have them printed when there was bound to be a way to do it at home. I had to throw calligraphy out of the picture considering my penmanship is less than perfect. So, I went looking online for some answers. Pinterest, to the rescue! Sure enough, there is an envelope paper size option under both the printer settings as well as Microsoft Word settings. With a little tweaking here and adjustment there, Brittney and I (more so she than me... I am far from technologically savvy sometimes... ok, most of the time) were able to type and print all (well most of them, because Brittney still hasn't finished her guest list!) the addresses.

Easy peasy! (I have found myself saying that quite a lot lately.)
I also bought a return address stamp as well. It is adorable and made addressing envelopes even easier!

I bought it online at Simply Stamps. They have a ton of designs and sizes to choose from. Check it out here!
So, here are (almost) all of our finished Save The Date magnets, packaged and addressed, as well as a little sneak peak of what's inside! Now, all that's left to do is get postage and send them on their way. I cannot wait for our faces to be hanging on ya'lls refrigerators! 

In my last two posts, I told you all about the florist I chose and the flowers that I had in mind. Well, Destiny, from Poppy and Mint Floral, sent me an updated proposal this week. I am in love with the flowers she chose. They all go so well together and I am so excited to see what the finished product looks like. I know it will be beautiful.

Don't you agree??

I also decided to give myself a little DIY project for the wedding. I originally didn't want programs, and then I did, and then I didn't.... and then I saw the program fan on, yes, Pinterest. I looked into having them ordered and the prices were just ridiculous. I figured making them couldn't be all that hard and sure enough, it isn't. All you need is a printer, cardstock, wooden craft "popsicle" sticks, some ribbon, and a little glue! I think they are going to turn out wonderfully.

Well, that's all I have for you this week. I hope to have more accomplished soon, but I highly doubt it with Thanksgiving right around the corner. I will probably share with you all the turkey day festivities considering, these will be the first holidays Brittney and I have spent together! I am looking forward to sharing this with her, as well as the chaos that comes with spending holidays with my family!
 Until next week!
Thanks for reading!

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