Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Big Stuff

There's no shortage of wedding blogs out there and mine surely won't be the best of them, but I thought I would give it a go anyway. 

I have people ask me on a daily basis how my planning is going, so I thought this would be a great way to let people in on my weekly progress! 

I don't plan on exclusively posting wedding stuff on here. I want to post things about our daily lives as well. What I cooked for dinner, our vacations, holidays, adventures, our fur babies, and everything in between! Considering both mine and Brittney's family and friends are multiple states away, this could be a good way for you all to get an update with what has been going on in our lives as of lately!

Anyway, wedding planning sure has been moving along quite quickly since we booked the venue. We had decided soon after we got engaged that we wanted a wedding in New Orleans. My love for this wondrous city was only fueled by the fact that I have lived less than two hours away all my life. But seriously? Who doesn't love New Orleans? It has so much to offer! We knew that no matter what, someone was going to have to travel for our wedding to happen, whether it be us, my family, or her family. So, we just made it fair and required everyone to travel and New Orleans seemed the perfect place to meet in the middle. My family and friends all share my love for the city and most of Brittney's family and friends have never been! Perfect!

We booked the Audubon Nature Institute at the beginning of October. It is a beautiful venue in the Lower Garden District of the city. 
 The Newman Bandstand, a beautiful pavilion type structure overlooking the lake, will be where the ceremony is held.
The Clubhouse, within walking distance of the ceremony site, is where the reception will take place.
I truly cannot believe we snagged such a beautiful venue but I am completely thankful, not to mention excited! 

The next thing I checked off my list was the DJ. My family hosts multiple events each year and use the same DJ every time. Marcel Lanoux of Nightshift Sounds is great at what he does and you get so much bang for your buck. Online music listings and timeline, lights and equipment, multiple meetings, timeline management. It doesn't get much better than that. I was very lucky that he had an opening available. He is one of the most sought after DJs on the coast! Check out his website here!

I was worried about finding a good florist online because there really isn't an easy way to do a consult via email but I was fortunate to have found a wonderful little "self-made" crafty type florists right outside of the city, Poppy and Mint Florist. Destiny's stuff is just adorable. She fits my style perfectly and was really intuitive as to what I was looking for. I am making a trip down there next week to meet with her and a couple bakers so, hopefully all goes well and those get booked also. 
Check out Destiny's website here!

One of the most frustrating things up to this point in the planning was deciding what the girls were going to wear. My color scheme is lavender and sage green. I didn't want to over use lavender since I am going with lavender flowers so, I wanted the girls to wear sage dresses. It is seriously hard to find cute sage green dresses. there are a billion different shades of sage but I finally found the color and style that I liked. Where? But, of course, Etsy. You can find anything your heart desires on that website!
They are perfectly modest, the light fabric I wanted, and the exact shade of sage! 

I know most of you are probably dying to see my wedding dress. It arrived on Monday and it is absolutely gorgeous. But if I haven't already showed you, well, you will just have to wait until the wedding day! I would post it, because it's just that beautiful, but Brittney wants to be surprised, and what Brittney wants, Brittney gets!

Well, thats about it for now. Trust me, I have accomplished way more but I will save that for a later post. These are just the big items that I have checked off my list. Later this week, I will share with you some of the smaller details; invites, men's attire, food, decorations, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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