Sunday, November 24, 2013

Five DIY's

 In my last post, I talked about a DIY project I have planned to work on. Well, guess what? I have a whole list of DIY projects that I have to work on for the wedding! I love projects, and despite most of my ideas never getting past the "idea" point, these will most definitely get done and I am so excited to start working on them. 

[1.] Bunting Banners

I have three banners that I want to make for the wedding. There are lots of websites with free templates so it should be pretty easy! I just have to decide on colors. I want to stay away from burlap. I believe you can get a rustic elegance without using burlap everywhere and I think it is way over used, similar to mason jars. Cute, but over used! 

[2.] Chalkboard Sign

I know chalkboards are very over used as well, but I thought these silver trays brought a unique look to them. You can find these trays for very cheap and in all shapes. I hope to find some that I can stand up rather than hang. As long as I don't use more than one or two, I think these chalkboards will add a very nice touch to our wedding!

[3.] Paper Pom Poms

I have yet to actually scope out the inside of my reception venue (I plan to do that after the holidays) and I am hoping there are places to hang these cute paper pom poms. I don't plan to have over-the-top decorations and these will add the perfect charm to the reception. They are super cheap and simple to make and I can make them in just about any color. I think they will have a very whimsical feel to them. 

[4.] Bridesmaid Sashes

The dresses I chose for the bridesmaids are very simple and I thought I should add a little bit of flair to them. These sashes would be very simple to make as well. I want them to be more of an ivory color but I really like the lace and the long ribbon down the back. They will add just the right touch to the bridesmaid dresses. 

[5.] Garter

This DIY is especially close to my heart. My grandmother passed away almost four years ago from cancer and I am lucky enough to have inherited many of her precious belongings, one of which was her wedding dress. This isn't your typical wedding dress, rather, it's more of the outfit she wore when she married my grandfather, a blue skirt and white silk blouse. Rather than let them sit in storage as they have been for years, I decided I would use them as my "something old" and "something blue". I found these beautiful garters online and think they would be the perfect reference to use to make mine out of my grandmother's dress, considering one of the many things she taught me, was how to sew. All I need to make it is some lace, elastic, and pretty brooch. I hope this will turn into something I can pass down to my daughter someday. 

Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully, my DIY list won't grow any longer or I may have to recruit some help! 

Thanks for reading!

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